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The Temple - RETIRED - Redlands

The Temple


Your mathematics teacher Dr. Ford, an expert puzzle solver, has been missing for quite some time. A quick search of his office leads you to a map of South America. You notice a red x in a remote part of the jungle. A few scribbled notes on the side mention a temple with a priceless treasure. You make up your mind to follow his trail. Can you get there in time to save your beloved teacher and help him find the treasure?

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  • Beginner
  • 2-10 Players
    (private room)
  • 1 hr Play Time
  • Redlands
  • Full Wheelchair Accessibility Full Vision Accessibility Full Hearing Accessibility Accessibility

Special Events

Try something different for your next birthday party, anniversary, or other celebration. Perfect for a date night, our escape room is a great way to show off your fun and creative side. Great for groups both small and large, Unity Escape Rooms can help make your next special occasion memorable.

Team Building Events

Our escape rooms are a great way to build teamwork and communication skills. Requiring players to work together to solve puzzles and clues, our rooms promote collaboration and problem-solving. Our rooms are perfect for team building as they provide a unique, engaging, and challenging environment for team members to bond and improve their ability to work as a team.


Our family-friendly games are perfect for guests of all ages and all levels of ability. Just bring your wits, your sense of adventure, and an open mind.