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Meet Dr. Ford

4 min read · by Unity Escape Rooms · on February 14, 2023
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At Unity Escape Rooms, we believe that having a great storyline is key to making your escape room experience immersive and engaging. In this series, we're going to take a closer look at the stories behind some of our most beloved rooms, characters, and scenarios.

Dr. Ford is a recurring character here at Unity Escape Rooms. He has been featured as the lead character in two exciting adventures, The Temple (retired) and Tomb of the Pharaoh. He is known for his sharp mind, adventurous spirit, and resourcefulness, which has made him a favorite among players. So, let's take a moment to get to know Dr. Ford and learn more about his exciting adventures.

Portrait of Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford was born into a family of adventurers and he quickly developed a passion for solving riddles and puzzles. As a child, he would spend hours working on brain teasers and crosswords, honing his skills and testing his abilities. This passion eventually led him to a career as a mathematics teacher, where he could pass on his love for puzzles to his students.

However, Dr. Ford never lost his thirst for adventure and his desire to solve the world's most challenging puzzles. He would often go on trips to find new puzzles and riddles to solve, and this led him to South America. There, he discovered a map that pointed to a remote temple in the jungle. According to the legend, the temple held a priceless treasure and Dr. Ford was determined to be the one to find it.

Dr. Ford spent years studying the ancient civilization that built the temple, and he believed that he had discovered the key to unlocking the treasure within. With his knowledge and his unwavering determination, he set off into the jungle, leaving behind a map and a few notes for anyone who might follow in his footsteps.

Despite his disappearance in the South American jungle, Dr. Ford had miraculously survived and was on to his next adventure. He was always eager to explore new and mysterious places, and Egypt was no exception. He was fascinated by the ancient civilization and wanted to uncover its secrets.

His journey in Egypt led him to the Luxor Temple, where he discovered a new puzzle to solve. However, he soon realized that he needed help to solve it and reached out to you, his former student and fellow adventurer. The recent stamp in his passport indicated that he was still in Egypt, and it was clear that he needs help.

Dr. Ford's charismatic and enchanting personality makes him a fascinating character, and his thirst for adventure and love for puzzles is contagious. He will continue to explore new and mysterious places, unraveling the secrets of ancient civilizations and uncovering the world's greatest treasures.

Will you join Dr. Ford on his next adventure?