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About Us

About Unity Escape Rooms

Our Beginning

It has long been a family tradition to bond over games - board games, card games, video games - so it was a natural progression to jump into the escape game experience in it's infancy. After having escaped (or not) from dozens of rooms across the country over the years, it was our mission as a family to bring our unique and immersive take on escape rooms to the Inland Empire.

Our family comes together with backgrounds in game design, technology, storytelling, and fabrication. This diverse expertise allows us to craft escape room experiences that seamlessly blend creativity, innovation, and technology, providing you with an immersive adventure like no other.

Our Mission

Provide immersive and thrilling escape room experiences that bring people together, fostering unity, teamwork, and unforgettable memories.

We believe in the power of storytelling. Our escape rooms are not just about solving puzzles; they're about becoming part of a narrative, engaging with the storyline, and experiencing a journey that lingers in your memory long after you've left the room.

We don't just create puzzles; we design challenges that go beyond the traditional escape room experience. Each room is crafted to offer a variety of unique challenges, ensuring that every participant, from beginners to seasoned escape artists, finds excitement, intrigue, and satisfaction.

Our Commitment

We are committed to inclusion. Our family-friendly games cater to all ages, abilities, and mobility levels. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of an escape room, and our designs reflect this commitment to providing accessible and enjoyable experiences for everyone.

Our mission is not just about escaping rooms; it's about creating memories. Whether you successfully escape or not, we are committed to delivering fun and memorable experience for all. If, at any point, we fall short of this commitment, please do let us know. We value your feedback and will work to make it right and enhance the experience for future guests.