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Toy Shop: Stanley's Soul Shop - Best Escape Rooms in Redlands

Toy Shop: Stanley's Soul Shop

After escaping The Cabin: Stanley's Sanctuary with the Book of Souls you realize your work is not complete. You must journey to Stanley's Toy Shop and help free the souls he's already stolen before he can complete his evil plans.

In this exciting 3rd chapter in the Tragedy of Stanley the Toymaker you find yourselves in his beloved toyshop. This is where he began his slow descent into madness and where he keeps the souls he's harvested. This is no ordinary toyshop. Only the truly brave will make it out alive.

The rest, well, let's just say Stanley has plenty of toys for you to play with...

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  • Thriller
  • Intermediate
  • 2-10 Players
  • 1 hr Play Time
  • Redlands