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The Cabin: Stanley's Sanctuary - Best Escape Rooms in Redlands

The Cabin: Stanley's Sanctuary

Starting in the summer of 2017, some of you journeyed to The Cabin to find your friend Walter who was investigating a string of disappearances. Some of you escaped with your lives, some of you did not. Each of you learned that Stanley the Toy Maker was behind it all.

The Cabin: Stanley's Sanctuary the story continues to unfold. You'll journey back to The Cabin to find the book Stanley used to capture all his victims' souls. You'll need that book to help you with part 3, Stanley's Toy Shop.

You and your friends have decided to steal the book but Stanley saw you coming! You have awoken handcuffed in a cell and separated from your friends. Do you have what it takes to stop Stanley and save the world?

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  • Thriller
  • Advanced
  • 2-10 Players
  • 1 hr Play Time
  • Redlands