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11810 Sebastian Way #103, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737

Private, engaging, and immersive escape adventures conveniently located in Rancho Cucamonga, Inland Empire, and nearby Upland, Ontario, Montclair, Claremont, Chino, Glen Avon, Fontana, Mira Loma, Pomona, La Verne, Corona, Chino Hills, Bloomington, San Dimas, Norco.

A Killer's Lodge

After escaping the zombie horde, you find yourself inside what appears to be an empty house. You feel disoriented. Trying to remember what happened, you notice you're handcuffed to a wall. As you try to get up you hear a loud cackling laugh coming from…
Advanced ·2-10 ·1 hr

The Kitchen Nightmare

As a leader in the infamous Parrish Mob Family you have been sent to recover the evidence from a recent hit the boss ordered. When he got wind that there were some traitors in the family, he planned a dinner at The Kitchen to take them out! Unfortunately,…
Intermediate ·2-10 ·1 hr

Person of Interest

You're investigating a series of murders in LA County. After reviewing the evidence logs you determine that you need to talk with the original lead investigator because there are some case files missing. While on your way to her office you get a call…
Intermediate ·2-10 ·1 hr

Tomb of the Pharaoh

After escaping the South American Temple of the Aymar Tribe you headed home thinking Dr. Ford was lost forever. When you arrive at home you find a mysterious package post marked from Egypt. Eager to see what it is you open it up. Inside you find two items…
Advanced ·2-10 ·1 hr