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Dad Plays FREE this Father's Day

Dad Plays FREE this Father's Day

Celebrating Father's Day with Adventure!

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to gift your dad with an unforgettable adventure? Unity Escape Rooms is inviting dad to play for FREE from now until June 18th, 2023.

With discount code DAD, redeem a free ticket for dad with an accompanying paid child or grandchild. Imagine the thrill of solving puzzles and unlocking clues with your loved ones while creating lasting memories.

Father holding his child, both are smiling and laughing

Why Choose Unity Escape Rooms?

Unity Escape Rooms is family owned and operated and we want to extend our passion to your family. We understand the importance of family bonds and we wouldn't be able to do any of this without our own father.

Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to help with any questions you may have. We understand that the experience is more than just the game; it's the people you share it with. That's why we create an inclusive and welcoming environment that fosters teamwork and collaboration.

How It Works

It's easy to redeem your free ticket for dad with the code DAD. Simply book your room online and use the discount code during checkout. Make sure to bring a child or grandchild with a paid ticket to qualify for the promotion. Our rooms can accommodate up to ten players, so bring the whole family for a day of adventure!

The Benefits of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms an excellent way to bond with family and friends while challenging your mind and having fun, and provide a range of benefits beyond. They help to improve communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. In an escape room, you'll get to work together with your team to solve problems quickly and efficiently. This translates well to the real world, where collaboration is essential.

Escape rooms also provide a break from screens and technology. It's an opportunity to unplug and engage with your loved ones in a fun and exciting way. It's a chance to create lasting memories and strengthen bonds.

Book Your Escape Room Experience Today

Don't miss out on this opportunity to give dad the gift of adventure this Father's Day. Book your escape room experience today at Unity Escape Rooms. Use the discount code DAD to redeem your free ticket for dad with an accompanying paid child or grandchild.


Q. Can I use the discount code for more than one free ticket?

Unfortunately, no, the discount code DAD can only be used once per group to redeem one free ticket for dad with an accompanying paid child or grandchild.

Q. How many people can play in one room?

Our rooms can accommodate up to ten players.

Q. Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Give the gift of adventure any time with our convenient gift cards.