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Promotions & Discounts - Terms & Conditions

Promotions & Discounts - Terms & Conditions

We're excited to offer you thrilling experiences and opportunities for savings through our promotions and discounts. We routinely share promotion and discount codes to previous customers, on social media, and via other medium. To ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone, please take a moment to read and understand the terms and conditions outlined below.


All customers are eligible to participate in our promotions and discounts, provided they meet the specific criteria outlined for each offer. Criteria may include booking during a specified time frame, using a unique code, or meeting other requirements as mentioned in the promotion details.


To redeem a promotion or discount code, enter the code during the booking process on our website or provide it to our staff during in-person or phone bookings. Only one code can be used per transaction, and codes cannot be combined unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Expiry Dates

Each promotion or discount code may have an expiry date, after which it will no longer be valid. It is the responsibility of the customer to use the code before the expiry date, as expired codes cannot be redeemed or extended. Expiry dates may not always be published and Unity Escape Rooms reserves the right to discontinue any promotion

Limited Use

Promotion or discount codes may have usage limits. When these usage limits are reached, the promotion or discount code will no longer be valid.

Booking Modifications and Cancellations

In the event of a booking modification or cancellation, the value of the promotion or discount will be adjusted accordingly. Refunds will be issued based on the amount paid after the application of the discount, and the original promotion or discount code will become void.

Changes and Termination

Unity Escape Rooms reserves the right to modify or terminate any promotion or discount at any time, without prior notice. We also reserve the right to refuse the use of any code that we believe is obtained fraudulently or used in violation of these terms and conditions.

By participating in our promotions and discounts, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. We hope you enjoy your escape room experience at Unity Escape Rooms!