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Team Building and Corporate Events

Team Building and Corporate Events

Plan your next Team Event with us!

Work Together, Escape Together


Every team needs strong leadership. Our challenging escape rooms will reveal those with hidden leadership skills to delegate tasks, manage time, and push the team toward a common goal.

Problem Solving

Each room is filled with unique clues to find, puzzles to solve, and challenges to overcome. Being able to solve complex problems, just as on the job, will be critical to the team's success.

Creative Thinking

Unique ideas, differing perspectives, and creative thinking will prove to be invaluable, both in escaping our rooms and in the fast paced work environment.


On the job or in daily life, few skills are as important as effective communication. Players must speak out, sharing their ideas and observations to solve the puzzle and escape the room.


Ditch the trust falls and engage with your team in a new, fun, and immersive environment. Set aside the corporate hierarchy and build new friendships and bonds.


We know you're on a budget. Let us help you plan one of the most cost effective investments you will ever make in your team. Your team culture, and your bottom line, will thank you later.

They Escaped, Will Your Team?

Plan your next Team or Corporate Event with us!