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The Power of Escape Rooms for Corporate Training and Education - Blog

The Power of Escape Rooms for Corporate Training and Education

5 min read · by Unity Escape Rooms · on February 23, 2023
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Escape rooms have become a trendy activity for groups of friends or coworkers seeking an entertaining experience. However, the potential of escape rooms goes beyond mere entertainment. They can be used as an immersive and creative tool to teach people new concepts and develop new skills. Volkswagen's recent use of escape rooms to reduce employee anxiety over the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is a prime example of how this approach can be applied in a corporate setting.

The Basics of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are immersive puzzles that require participants to solve a series of challenges to escape from a locked room or area. They involve a variety of puzzles and challenges that test participants' problem-solving skills, teamwork, communication, and creativity. These elements make escape rooms an effective tool for teaching and training.

Volkswagen's eMotionRoom

In the case of Volkswagen's eMotionRoom, the escape room was designed to educate employees about the history and future of EVs, as well as the specific changes taking place at the Wolfsburg plant. The puzzle consists of three rooms that cover the history of EVs, the history of the Wolfsburg plant, and the future of EVs. By solving puzzles and working together, employees can gain a better understanding of the company's goals and the role they play in achieving them.

"The idea proved extremely popular" - Gerardo Scarpino

Escape Rooms for Education

The use of escape rooms for training and education is not limited to the automotive industry. Escape rooms have been used in various settings to teach new concepts and develop new skills. For instance, a medical school in the United States has used escape rooms to teach medical students about patient safety and quality improvement. In this scenario, the escape room presents a simulated patient case with clues and puzzles that must be solved to improve patient outcomes. This approach has been shown to be effective in teaching students about complex medical concepts and encouraging teamwork and communication.

Escape rooms have also been used in the corporate world to teach employees about cybersecurity, customer service, and leadership. In these scenarios, the escape room presents a simulated business challenge with clues and puzzles that require employees to work together to find a solution. This approach can be particularly effective in developing soft skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

The Advantages of Escape Rooms

One of the primary advantages of using escape rooms for training and education is that they are engaging and enjoyable. Unlike traditional training methods like lectures or presentations, escape rooms provide a hands-on, immersive experience that is more likely to capture participants' attention and keep them engaged. This is particularly crucial in today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, where attention spans are shorter, and distractions are plentiful.

Escape rooms are also adaptable and customizable. The puzzles and challenges can be tailored to specific learning objectives or corporate goals, and the difficulty level can be adjusted to suit different skill levels. This makes escape rooms a flexible tool that can be used across a wide range of industries and contexts.

In addition to being effective in teaching new concepts and developing new skills, escape rooms can also be an excellent tool for team building. By working together to solve puzzles and challenges, employees can develop stronger relationships and improve their ability to work together. This can be particularly valuable in corporate settings where teamwork and collaboration are critical to success.


Escape rooms offer a unique and effective approach to teaching and training. By providing an engaging, hands-on experience, escape rooms can help employees learn new concepts, develop new skills, and improve their ability to work together. With their adaptability and flexibility, escape rooms are likely to become an increasingly popular tool for corporate training and education in the years to come. As Volkswagen has demonstrated, escape rooms can be an effective tool for reducing employee anxiety over new technologies or changes in the workplace.